Channel News Asia

Channel News Asia

We were recently appointed Line Producer for the Cambodian segment of a program for Channel NewsAsia titled ‘India Acts East’. (episode 2)

India Acts East Episode1
The Emergence of Asean – India Alliance

This episode explores India’s engagement with its regional neighbours Myanmar and Thailand and how it has built on bilateral partnerships over the past decades. India works on its connectivity with these two neighbouring countries to redefine politics and economic growth. India Acts East Episode1

India Acts East Episode2
Asean – India Going Strong

This episode features India’s ties with Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore. The emerging business landscapes in Vietnam and Cambodia offer much opportunities to India. At the other end of the spectrum, Singapore has played an instrumental role in boosting India-Asean ties. India Acts East Episode2

TELPHA Interstitial
Officially known as the “Kingdom of Cambodia”, the Indianized kingdom is gradually stepping up from low-income to lower middle-income economy. As Cambodia is in the midst of reforming it’s economy, Indian pharmaceutical company, Telpha Inc, recognizes the importance of providing affordable medicine to the people of Cambodia. TELPHA Interstitial

WAPCOS Interstitial
As Cambodia rises through the ranks of economic progress, it actively seeks development opportunities with India. An undertaking of the Indian government, WAPCOS has been assisting Cambodia in water resources management since 2007. WAPCOS Interstitial